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A community supporting Northside Richmond's dog park at Pine Camp

Hi Everyone,


We have not scheduled the Grand Opening (details below) yet, but the Northside Dog Park is now open.  Please be mindful of the following:

  • We are currently BYOW (bring your own water) and BYOB (bring your own bags)
  • Supercans are provided for the deposit of waste


As you drive into the area adjacent to the park, you'll notice a mountain range of tree debris.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL as you enter the dog park parking lot.  Our Richmond Parks partners have asked that we not use the park until after 5pm so as to avoid the dump trucks and other equipment working to remove the tree debris.  Richmond Department of Public Utilities need to use the space as a temporary holding area for Hurricane Irene tree debris, and are working to get it removed.


We'll plan our Grand Opening as soon as we have a handle on the removal and clean up of the hurricane debris.  Until that time, please get out there and enjoy the park!


See you soon,



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