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Hey Folks,


Good News!

I'm happy to report that the initial exterior fencing has gone in and gravel for the parking lot has been spread.  The next step is to get all the gates put in, and then we can assemble our Construction Committee and get our interior fencing installed.  At that point, the City will drop off the mulch, which we'll need to spread, and we'll plan our opening.


Stay tuned!



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Hurray!!! I was starting to lose hope!  There's a meeting this Monday night to discuss a Henrico County dog park on Brook Rd.  After no dog parks in the area, it would be crazy wonderful to have two - oh my!  Find information on Facebook: The Hanover Dog Park


Monday, June 6 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Belmont Recreation Center
1600 Hilliard Road
Richmond, Virginia


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