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Hello Everyone,

Great news!  After two years of effort and delay and unexpected setbacks and eventually, progress, Northside finally has a dog park.

Well, almost. While the site has been cleared and graded, parking lot leveled and graveled, and exterior fencing and gates erected, there is still work to be done to make the park "canine-ready." This is where we need *your* help.

Our plan is to get work crews together over the weekend of  7/16 and 7/17 to do the following:

* Pick up any remaining large rocks and other debris from the park site (bring work gloves)

* Install the interior fencing - 4 foot tall welded wire mesh


* Larry Miller, our Parks Dept. partner, has offered to provide a generator.  We'll use the generator to power a compressor (or two?) to allow us to use finish staplers to attach the interior fencing to the wooden exterior fencing.  Anyone who has a compressor and an 18 gauge finish stapler (and is willing to use it) is absolutely encouraged to let me know( so we can include that in our work plan.


* We need a few no frills, old school folks to swing a hammer. You bring the hammer and gloves. We'll provide the nails.


* We also need additional folks to help hold and stretch the interior fencing as it's being attached. Again, please bring sturdy work gloves

Once the interior fencing is installed, the next step in the plan is to schedule a mulch delivery by the Parks Dept. We'll need an additional work crew to spread the mulch.  Once the mulch is spread, the signs are up, and the picnic tables and benches are installed, we can have our Grand Opening. 

We know it's been a long time coming, but we're very close.  We can knock this out and get the Northside Dog Park open this summer.

Click the link below to go and sign up for as many shifts as you can.  See you on July 16th and 17th!


Folks, it's a dog park but it's not canine-ready and we're going to have a lot going on, so please keep this a human-only event and leave, for now, the furry kids at home.




Jonathan & Richard

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Hey Everyone,


It's gonna be great weather tomorrow and Sunday, come on out and help.


You can sign up for shifts at


See you there!




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