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I was so excited to discover the Northside Dog  Park and joined this site. This morning, I set out to have a look and after driving around behind Henderson, driving over to the main Pine Camp area and then back to the area near the K-9 facility, I asked two men who were watching the big machinery. They told me the way in was being blocked by the very activity we were watching. Is there a remedy? 12 on your side or something??

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Hi Lynn,

The park is unofficially open for use.

Richmond Dept Public Utilities stacked all the tree debris from Hurricane Irene right next to the park.  Our Parks Department lead, Larry Miller, is working w/ DPU and its contractors to get the debris cleared.  We've been holding off on the grand opening because of the access and potential safety issues with the proximity of the debris.

I know its frustrating, but Larry and his folks were just as surprised as we were about the mountain of tree debris.


Thanks, Jonathan. How does one get back there and where does one park? It looked totally blocked off to me. 




I go down Old Brook Road and turn left just past the YMCA at Forest Lawn.  Go past the softball fields, and turn right thru a gate into the big area...where our park is way at the back.  I'll take a drive down there after work and check it out, and get back to you.



I went by last weekend and the dog park couldn't even be seen. There was debris covering the new gravel dog park lot. 

That is what I saw Blake. I have a yard for my dog to run in - I just want her to get to play with other dogs in a dog park. Guess I'll just wait 'till the mountain is gone and enough people start coming to bring my girl by.

Apparently, DPU has decided to turn the mountain of debris into a mountain of mulch...totally blocking off access to the dog park.  I'll reach out to our Parks contact.

Am I being cynical thinking we are seeing a territorial spat unfold over this?


The debris and the resulting mulch are gone and you can now use the park. The park has also been expanded so, once the additional wire fence is installed, there will be even more room for the pups to romp.

We will be organizing some volunteer works days to finish the fence and get the park ready for a grand opening some time in late spring early summer. Once word gets out, we should see much more traffic to the park. 

Right now, a few folks are planning on being there on Sunday mornings. Feel free to join them, or organize your own meetups from this site, Facebook, or Twitter (#northrvadogpark).


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